Afternoon Light | A Personal Post

I have become rather useless at blogging ANYTHING personal lately. I take lots of images of our everyday life and had grand plans to share those images with you all but life, craziness and other priorities always take precedence and I never get it done. It always goes in the too hard basket. This light though, this was special. 

My favourite part of an in home session is the beautiful light that inhabits each home and is unique to that place. My daughters room gets the most incredible light pattens that we usually miss because they happen right around school pick up time. On the weekend I walked past her room on the way to the laundry and saw this and had to grab my camera. She gave me approximately three minutes of her time before she ran off elsewhere, but those three minutes left me with some of my favourite images of all time. 

This kid, a constant source of frustration, but she brings me so much joy with the way she loves so fiercely and feels with all her heart. My babe forever. 

Love for a Friend

Being asked to photograph a fellow photographer, especially one whose work I admire so much, is possibly the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done. I am a completely nervous person by nature so you can probably imagine just how I was feeling for this shoot. Natalie is one of the first photographers that I connected with in Maitland when I decided to start a family photography business. Since then she has become a dear friend, sounding board and confidant and a person that I have gone through experiences with that were both amazing and hard. She is a beautiful soul, so when she asked me to do this, all the reasons not to do it ran through my head at a million miles an hour. 

Thankfully before I gave into these thoughts, I agreed and we found ourselves on this beautiful evening, creating some of my favourite images of all time. I have heard a million times that magic happens when you push past your comfort zone and boy did I feel that on this day. Trusting in the light, the feeling and the connection was one of the most incredible experiences I have had as an artist. It has set me on a new course for what I hope to achieve in my work next year and it has stirred something up within me. A feeling I have been missing a bit lately. I loved everything about this session and I am so completely grateful to my beautiful friend for asking me to do this for her and trusting me! As a photographer we don't always find it easy to be on the other side of the lens. 

To my beautiful friend. You are incredible and amazing and I am so grateful to have you on my side. x

A Morning in Newcastle

Family photography is something I love for so many reasons. I delight in watching families interact with one another and seeing the way they move through life together and this is a family that I just adore watching. The love and mutual respect they have for each other is evident in everything they do and its such fun being in their presence. It is so wonderful to see that these teenage years that I keep being told to be fearful of really don't have to be as bad as I am led to believe. These guys just LOVE each other. Its an incredible thing to witness. 

This is the second time I have had the honour of photographing The Critchley family and right from the beginning Anna said she wanted something a little bit different for this shoot. Anna is a talented stylist whose blog you can find here. I love working with other creatives. As an artist I want to try new things and shoot sessions that are out of the usual and these guys are always up for that. Sessions with me are about the family I am capturing. Letting them be who they are and creating a snapshot of who they are right at that point in time. Perfectly imperfect and loved more than words can say. This kind of collaboration fills me with so much artistic fulfilment and is something I would love to do more of.

 We had so much fun wandering the streets of Newcastle together on a gloomy Saturday morning. We ate, we laughed and I captured these guys just as they are. I love these guys x

Moment Design

Early in October I was thrilled to host the wonderful Jessica Chia of Essence Images for her Moment Design workshop. 

It was an incredible day and one that I am so pleased to have been a part of for so many reasons. Going into the workshop I didn't entirely know what to except. I knew that I would learn amazing techniques for capturing true connection between my clients but it was the other stuff I learnt that really blew me away. Jess is amazing. Kind, honest and open and the type of person that you are just happy to be with. She also has this amazing gift for opening up a safe space in which you feel completely comfortable to grow and look deep inside. That part of the Moment Design experience was a complete surprise to me.  I didn't really expect to learn as much about myself as I did. 

You see Jess's Moment Design workshop is not just about what you can give to others (although that is a big part), its also about what you can give to yourself to allow yourself to be a better mother, wife, person, artist and photographer. Learning to allow ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. The beautiful, unique and honest artists that we are inside and accepting that stumbling and failing in our journey is natural and good!

One of the biggest take home messages that I got from the workshop is that we have to learn to break down our own barriers if we ever expect others to break theirs down for us. Thats certainly something I am working on for myself.

Thank you Jess for coming and sharing yourself with us. It was an incredible experience and I adored every last second x

If you are interested in taking a Moment Design course please check out Jess's website for more information. You can find it here.

Thank you also to our wonderful models who came and allowed us to use some of our new skills on them. We loved meeting you guys! 

A Family.. A Home..

I have been so incredibly lucky with the gorgeous clients that have chosen me during my photography journey. I know thats something that most photographers say. In fact we probably say it a bit too often, but I mean every word. I am so extremely lucky.

When I started out on this journey, I set out to tell the stories of family, love and connection in the most honest way possible. I wanted to capture moments that MEAN something. That intention has been returned to me over and over in the clients that come to me to have their story told. To capture the moments that MEAN something, to them. This is hand on heart what I live to do. 

This session was a special one. A session to capture a family home as well as a family. A home where a beautiful couple got engaged, married and bought their babies home to. Where memories are plentiful and a place that would soon no longer be theirs as they move onto a new adventure. My heart burst with the beauty of what we were capturing not to mention the beauty of the family that I was making images for. 

Life runs away from us in a blur of preparing dinners, calming tantrums, navigating the every day struggles and joys. We need to remember though, to take time to look around and remember why we are doing all of this. Its the memories of who we are right at this moment that are important. While a home is at face value, a bunch of bricks and land, the memories that it holds is more important than all of that. Dont forget to breath that in every now and then.

Isabel x