A New Adventure

I have written and re written this blog post a number of times now, trying to put into words all that is in my head and heart right now. Its been a long journey to where I am now. A journey filled with lots of dreaming, planning, work and so many doubts. Doubts that have often held me back. Till today.

Photography came to me by chance. After the birth of my second child I picked up my very first DSLR and quickly fell in love. I needed an outlet, something to call my own. I spent the next years learning everything I could about this new hobby I loved. I took lots of courses, read lots of books and was taken under the wing of an amazing woman who forever has shaped my photography journey (she knows who she is and I won't cyber hug her as she hates that).

Having a photography business was honestly never on my radar. It was something I thought about off  and on but not something I really considered I was worthy of. I knew that I took lovely images but I never thought I was good enough to call myself a photographer. The end of 2013 saw a huge change in our family life as we packed up our lives and moved interstate. To say that it was scary is a huge understatement but it gave me confidence in myself that perhaps I was capable of more than I thought. It was at that point that the foundations of Isabel Bowden Photography were laid.

This business really is my fourth baby. I have worked hard to build something I am proud of. Something that is an extension of me in every way. This business is a one woman show and everything that you see I have built myself. I have poured so much of my heart into this and to finally see it all come together fills me with so much pride. I have so many hopes and dreams for my business and I am honestly so excited for the future and to see them all come true. I know that they will.

I have so many thank you's to say. So many people that have supported and up lifted me both within the photography industry and outside it. People who have not only praised me but helped me grow also. To those people, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I am incredibly blessed to have you all in my life and on this journey with me. I couldn't have done it without you all. I truly mean that.

I guess there is nothing more left to say than, I now declare Isabel Bowden Photography OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!

 Isabel Bowden Photography is now taking bookings. Image of two children holding hands in the hunter Valley