The Critchley Family

I make absolutely no secret of the fact that I am not a traditional family photographer. I don’t get drawn to stiff and staged. My love is capturing connection and  true family moments in a way that is authentic, real and beautiful. It takes a special kind of family to be drawn to me and I fall in love with each and every one of the families I photograph. This family took a huge chunk of my heart when I met them. The connection they share, the love they have for one another and the kindness they showed was a joy to be a part of and I loved every moment I had with them. So much so I struggled to put my camera down when it was time to go home.

Anna is a crazy talented stylist (whose blog you can find here) so their home was so absolutely gorgeous. It was the love in their home that really drew me in though. In our pre session consult, Anna told me that their home is a reflection of the people who live in it and as soon as I entered I saw exactly what she meant. Every wall told a story and every corner was full of memories and beauty. I won’t lie, I really did want to move in right there and then.

Capturing connection is such a huge joy for me and these two beautiful girls had so much of it. Photographing them was an absolute dream and they made my job so easy. They fell into each other so effortlessly and easily that you could see how in tune they were with each other. I can only hope that my children have this kind of connection growing up.

I have so many favourites from this session, this is just a small snippet. Don’t forget to look out for the photobombing doughnut. I had so many giggles over him while editing these.

Isabel x