The Roach Family

I did a course recently and one of my assignments was to write down four people that are my biggest fans. People who are my cheerleaders, who want to see me succeed and who have my back no matter what. This gorgeous woman was one of mine. I am trying so hard to stop this post from spiralling into sap town but when it comes to our friendship its a bit hard for it not to. I love her and her family ever so much.

I take these guys family photos every year and every year I come away utterly exhausted (lets get real here) yet somehow full of my own personal brand of inner peace. I just adore capturing the chaos that is family life and these guys give it to me in spades. All the love, all the life, honestly. This is what I want to show you about your family. That even when you are at your most chaotic, you are amazing. Those incredible, unique people that you made, the ones who drive you CRAZY, they are perfect. That is what my photography is all about. 

These guys are about as amazing, perfect and chaotic as they come. Did I mention I love them too?


The Roach Family

I am going to warn you ahead of time that this post is going to be a bit gushy so if you don't like that kind of thing then just scroll down to the pictures because this family is seriously awesome and you want to see that stuff.

When I think of family I think of that comfortable place where you fall. You know the one, can sometimes be found in your bed, that place that is so comfortable and cosy that sometimes you just can't bring yourself to move in the morning. That to me is family and when I think of these guys that is what I feel. They are my peeps, my family, my loves.

Sam and I met many years ago. Its a long story involving tupperware and door knocking ( I won't go into the details) and we forged a friendship based on coffee, messy floors and stationary. We made our way through two pregnancies together and watched our children fight, hug, scream and play on our messy floors. We have drunk lots of coffee, talked lots and lots and cried lots too. I have always felt safe with her and her beautiful family and our children are like siblings, one big rowdy crazy bunch. Just the way we like it.

Thanks to our big move last year we no longer live down the road from each other which is hard, but when we meet up its like no time has passed and although we miss them with all our hearts, it comforting to know that when we are together again nothing will have changed.

See, what did I tell you?? Awesome. Now onto the picture loveliness.