Just Us | A Personal Post

It occurred to me recently that I don't tend to share a lot of our personal images on the blog. That is likely because there isn't as many as I would like and maybe because for the last few months I have been stuck in this weird headspace where everything I made I criticised till I felt it unworthy of sharing. Maybe thats just part of the creative process but I will admit, it really sucked. Thats a story for another blog post though... 

I adore capturing the intricate ways that families move and work together. Something so simple and unconscious but unique to each family. In ours the boys are always out in front while the girls bring up the rear. Babies go everywhere and sticks are collected with great interest and joy. Its how our family moves and I love watching it. 

Life moves quickly and its not hard to miss these details. Its sad really how easy it is. Some days I wish I could press pause, maybe rewind just a bit, but I know that images like these, of things that are so simple and mundane, will mean a great deal to me in years to come. I think thats why I am such a lover of details. Its in the details that the real magic happens! 

A Rainy Afternoon in Morpeth

Recently I have been thinking a lot about why I got into this photography gig. Looking for the thing that is my why. I adore family photography but I mostly adore capturing the parts of family life that sometimes go unnoticed. The touches, the smiles, the tears, the mannerisms you miss when you're busy running from point A to B in your life. These are the parts that make up the fabric of your family. I have a gift for seeing these parts.

I often go on about imperfection and embracing that part of life. Maybe its because I often feel like my own family life is out of control and crazy and being able to show you the beauty in that  is what I love. This session was held on a rainy afternoon in Morpeth. No golden light to speak of, droplets through every image and three of the most gorgeous children exploring and embracing the conditions as only kids can. Through the imperfection I think we found something extremely perfect. The love of a family embracing time together, no matter what the conditions. That is precious.

I am lucky to have the most amazing clients, who embrace these conditions as if its nothing and leave me with the most amazing images of family life that I, as a photographer, could ever ask for. Teaching me in the process that while life doesn't always go to plan, being open to what life has thrown at you and embracing the perfection in the imperfection is actually everything. 

I love these guys and what we created together.

Isabel x

The Roach Family

I did a course recently and one of my assignments was to write down four people that are my biggest fans. People who are my cheerleaders, who want to see me succeed and who have my back no matter what. This gorgeous woman was one of mine. I am trying so hard to stop this post from spiralling into sap town but when it comes to our friendship its a bit hard for it not to. I love her and her family ever so much.

I take these guys family photos every year and every year I come away utterly exhausted (lets get real here) yet somehow full of my own personal brand of inner peace. I just adore capturing the chaos that is family life and these guys give it to me in spades. All the love, all the life, honestly. This is what I want to show you about your family. That even when you are at your most chaotic, you are amazing. Those incredible, unique people that you made, the ones who drive you CRAZY, they are perfect. That is what my photography is all about. 

These guys are about as amazing, perfect and chaotic as they come. Did I mention I love them too?


Morning Tea

"How lucky am I, to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." ~Winnie the Pooh

Moving is hard. The stress of having to organise your life and pack it neatly into boxes to be moved on to the next place is a pretty difficult task. Its even harder when you have the whole emotional turmoil of leaving behind your nearest and dearest. Thats the hardest bit. Leaving behind the relationships you have formed and knowing that when you get to the new place, you may not be able to replace them. Not that you would want to anyway. 

Emma came to me when she was trying to think of a Christmas present for her best friend. Next year things are changing for them. Their current “normal” will change as many kilometres will separate them and the reality that they have known for the last few years will change. Its a situation that I know all too well.  Two years ago I left my best friend to come live in Maitland after we were moved here with my husbands work. It was awful moving away from her and the normal we had built up for ourselves. I know just how heartbreaking their current situation is.

Her vision for this session was to capture a normal morning tea for them. Coffee from the local high class cafe (cough), dress ups, tantrums, babies hanging out and moments… Many many moments. Moments they don’t ever want to forget. My heart broke when she told me “It's taken me over 30 years to find what Anne of Green Gables would call "my kindred spirit”. Its a feeling I understand and why I knew this session would be important and special. A real “heart” session. 

I loved every moment that I spent with these guys. It so important to capture these parts of our lives. They are often the most mundane but its the everyday things that mean the most in the long run. Honest moments filled with love, laughter and of course, some bff tears. Those bff's can be real pains sometimes. 

The Bywater Family

Im so incredibly lucky to have met some awesome families with my work and these guys are as awesome as they come. You know those people who you meet for the first time and they make you feel like one of the family? That is these guys. 

I first photographed Hudson at his newborn session earlier this year and was so happy to be invited back to see how much he had grown. Its amazing how quickly babies grow in the first year of their lives. They go from little tiny people who are completely dependant on you to not so tiny people who do things like sit up and eat real food in the blink of an eye (seriously, don't blink, you'll miss it). 

On this morning I came over to photograph a typical morning for our boy wonder here. We ate breakfast, listened to the birds and trashed the play room. I remember mornings like this when we lavished all of our attention on our first born. Before the siblings came along and the noise got louder and the attention more spread out. Not to say thats bad, its not, but its different. Its so important to capture these stages in our lives and I just adore doing to for you.