A Rainy Afternoon in Morpeth

Recently I have been thinking a lot about why I got into this photography gig. Looking for the thing that is my why. I adore family photography but I mostly adore capturing the parts of family life that sometimes go unnoticed. The touches, the smiles, the tears, the mannerisms you miss when you're busy running from point A to B in your life. These are the parts that make up the fabric of your family. I have a gift for seeing these parts.

I often go on about imperfection and embracing that part of life. Maybe its because I often feel like my own family life is out of control and crazy and being able to show you the beauty in that  is what I love. This session was held on a rainy afternoon in Morpeth. No golden light to speak of, droplets through every image and three of the most gorgeous children exploring and embracing the conditions as only kids can. Through the imperfection I think we found something extremely perfect. The love of a family embracing time together, no matter what the conditions. That is precious.

I am lucky to have the most amazing clients, who embrace these conditions as if its nothing and leave me with the most amazing images of family life that I, as a photographer, could ever ask for. Teaching me in the process that while life doesn't always go to plan, being open to what life has thrown at you and embracing the perfection in the imperfection is actually everything. 

I love these guys and what we created together.

Isabel x