Just Us | A Personal Post

It occurred to me recently that I don't tend to share a lot of our personal images on the blog. That is likely because there isn't as many as I would like and maybe because for the last few months I have been stuck in this weird headspace where everything I made I criticised till I felt it unworthy of sharing. Maybe thats just part of the creative process but I will admit, it really sucked. Thats a story for another blog post though... 

I adore capturing the intricate ways that families move and work together. Something so simple and unconscious but unique to each family. In ours the boys are always out in front while the girls bring up the rear. Babies go everywhere and sticks are collected with great interest and joy. Its how our family moves and I love watching it. 

Life moves quickly and its not hard to miss these details. Its sad really how easy it is. Some days I wish I could press pause, maybe rewind just a bit, but I know that images like these, of things that are so simple and mundane, will mean a great deal to me in years to come. I think thats why I am such a lover of details. Its in the details that the real magic happens!