Moment Design

Early in October I was thrilled to host the wonderful Jessica Chia of Essence Images for her Moment Design workshop. 

It was an incredible day and one that I am so pleased to have been a part of for so many reasons. Going into the workshop I didn't entirely know what to except. I knew that I would learn amazing techniques for capturing true connection between my clients but it was the other stuff I learnt that really blew me away. Jess is amazing. Kind, honest and open and the type of person that you are just happy to be with. She also has this amazing gift for opening up a safe space in which you feel completely comfortable to grow and look deep inside. That part of the Moment Design experience was a complete surprise to me.  I didn't really expect to learn as much about myself as I did. 

You see Jess's Moment Design workshop is not just about what you can give to others (although that is a big part), its also about what you can give to yourself to allow yourself to be a better mother, wife, person, artist and photographer. Learning to allow ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. The beautiful, unique and honest artists that we are inside and accepting that stumbling and failing in our journey is natural and good!

One of the biggest take home messages that I got from the workshop is that we have to learn to break down our own barriers if we ever expect others to break theirs down for us. Thats certainly something I am working on for myself.

Thank you Jess for coming and sharing yourself with us. It was an incredible experience and I adored every last second x

If you are interested in taking a Moment Design course please check out Jess's website for more information. You can find it here.

Thank you also to our wonderful models who came and allowed us to use some of our new skills on them. We loved meeting you guys!