Family photography is my love. I could talk your ear off for hours about why, but at the heart of it, I believe that capturing the connection you share with your little tribe is everything. When I think of family I think of chaos, I think of noise and I think of crazy but over all of that, I think of love. Love between people that adore each other more than anything else in the whole wide world. Family is such a blessing and being invited into YOUR space to capture that for you… man, thats such a huge honour. 

My photography is different and I am really proud of that. I don’t want to capture everyone acting perfectly and I wont use fancy photoshop tricks to make it appear they are. I believe in capturing family honestly and authentically and I want us to have FUN while doing it. Laughing, cuddling, tickling, kissing sore knees and hugging out yucky feelings. Its all a part of the fabric that is your family bond. Perfectly imperfect and loved oh so much, that right there, that is what matters.

Below is video that shows further my style and what makes me special as a photographer. Make sure you watch it in HD to see it in its full beauty! Under the video I have gone into a few of the most FAQ's I get. Now go forth and enjoy the video!! 

How do I make a booking?

Yes!! You’re awesome and I promise we are going to have the best time! Contact me here or send me an email at so we can get the booking ball rolling. I only take on a few sessions each month so it is best to get in touch with me early so we can lock your preferred date down. If you are interested in a newborn session it is best that you book in while you are still pregnant so we can discuss the ideal timing of your session to meet your needs.

Once you have paid your deposit, I will put you in my diary and we can get to work organizing what you want from your session. I have a nifty questionnaire that helps me collect some important info about you. I work really closely with you in the weeks leading up to your session so that we can customise your time with me so it truly reflects your family perfectly.  You have my full attention at this time and no question is silly. Ask as many as you need, as I want you to have a session that means something special to you. We need to work together to achieve this. 

Do you offer newborn sessions?

Yes! Lifestyle newborn photography is a style of newborn photography that I absolutely adore and a style that I have decided to exclusively offer in my business. Whilst I adore the posed approach to newborn photography, lifestyle newborn photography resonates with me and my love of story telling. It is natural and honest and showcases the first days with your new baby in a way that is simple and beautiful. 

The beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that we don’t need to strictly stick to the less than 2 week rule that a more posed approach requires. If you want sleepy shots of your brand new babe, then we will aim to book you in within about 2 weeks of your babies birth but I also adore it when we photograph slightly older newborns. They are a bit more awake which leads to more images of them gazing at their parents and taking in their new world. This is another reason why it is important to book in while you are still pregnant. It gives us the opportunity to plan what the perfect lifestyle session means for you and time it to perfection.


Where should we have our session? Oh and what time is best?

Well that entirely depends on what you want from your session! Remember that this is all about you. The family below chose to have their photos taken at the beach. They are beach people and that is their happy place so they wanted to capture that. For that reason we chose to have their session in the golden hour. The golden hour is that beautiful time right as the sun is rising and then again when the sun is setting when the light is soft and glorious and the angels sing their beautiful tune. Well maybe the angels don’t sing, but the golden hour is the best time to have your session if you would like an outdoor session. In fact I will insist on it. The light is less harsh and you won’t end up with dark circles under your eyes and harsh shadows because of the suns position in the sky. I usually meet my clients a couple of hours before the sun sets so we can take full advantage of this beautiful light. I know what you are thinking, sunset is right over the dinner, bedtime, arsenic hour right? Yes you are right but the results are worth putting your routine out a bit for one day. In fact we could even capture you having a picnic dinner at the beach!

You can also choose to have your session at home. I love, love love in home sessions as the kids are super comfy in their space and that is where the real magic happens. If you choose an in home session we have a bit more flexibility with the timing of your session and we can be a bit more thoughtful about the kids routines. I generally like to schedule my in home sessions for about 10am but again, we can be flexible with that.

Cant decide inside or out? Why don’t we do a bit of both! This is your session so lets make it all about you.

Please note that for newborn sessions I strongly suggest an in home session. 


I would love an indoor session but what do I need to do to make my home photo ready? 

I know that having photos taken in your home can send you into a bit of a panic. Your home doesn’t have to be pristine for these sessions and I don’t need you to go scrubbing every inch of the place. Im not there for a house inspection after all!  I tend to choose a few rooms based on the light you have available in your home. I like to shoot in the main bedroom, the lounge area and the kids rooms so concentrate your efforts on these rooms as much as possible.  My biggest advice is don’t stress, mess happens, its a fact of life. I know this because my house is always in a state of chaos. At the end of the day its all a part of your story. Embrace it.

One thing I do urge you to do is try and declutter as much as possible. Clutter doesn’t add much to your images and can be a distraction so its best to minimise that as much as possible. I will ask to move things that I feel are going to detract from the images during our session if I do see anything.

What do we wear?

I always say that simple is better. Too many clashing colours and logos can detract from your images so I always say to avoid them if you can. Try not to all be matching either. We want to see everyones personalities still and being all matchy can make things look a bit bland. Neutrals with a bit of colour thrown in always look awesome. Feel free to email me a picture of the outfits you have planned if you want any advice. Above all else, you need to be comfortable and honest to yourselves. If you are generally a jeans and jumper kinda gal, don’t wear a ball gown. 


What happens on the day of our session?

I will arrive at your house or our chosen location and will generally ignore you a bit (no offence) while I get down on the kids level. I need to build up trust and rapport quickly with these guys so I try and get in their good books straight away. I will then ask for a tour of the house and we can discuss any plans we have for the session. If we are on location we will go for a walk, check things out and see what the light is doing.  I usually have a shot list in my head of what I hope to capture but that remains completely flexible to fit in with what is happening on that day.  I try and get the grandparent shots out the way first ( the looking at the camera smiling shots that Granny always asks for) and then we get to creating some memories for you guys. I do a bit of direction in terms of asking you guys to look at each other, kiss, or snuggle the kids really tight but I also leave you guys to be you as much as possible too. Sessions usually take about 1-2 hours all up.

What happens if it rains or the kids are sick?

Things happen and kids get sick, we can’t help that. If that happens, I ask that you contact me as soon as possible so we can reschedule if necessary. I have three kids that catch everything going in winter. I get it. If I get sick I will get in touch and reschedule. I don't want to pass anything onto to you and will always er on the side of caution.

If on the day it looks like it is going to rain I will get in touch and discuss what you want to do. I am happy to move the session indoors if you prefer or we can reschedule for another day. I only book a very limited amount of sessions a month so if these things happen, we can reshuffle things. Easy!

Isabel I am worried that the kids will act up! What happens if they do?

I expect that they will! Kids are kids and having an unfamiliar lady come into their space with a big black camera isn’t always going to go down well. I get that. When I arrive I probably wont get my camera out straight away as I will first try and build a relationship with the kids and I find the camera can be a little intimidating sometimes. 

What I love about kids though is that they are authentic and what you see is what you get. Remember I am not there to capture fake. I don’t want you to look back on your images in 10 years and see smiles that are forced and poses that are awkward. I want you to see truth and real life. I want you to smile and remember when your toddler scowled at every mouthful of broccoli and laughed real big when Daddy tickled them on their tummy. I want you to remember that book that you read 500 times and hated but now miss so, so much. That’s what I want you to remember and that’s what I want my images to show you, so lets embrace the chaos and tantrums. It’s ALL good. Remember the more relaxed you are the more relaxed the kids will be. 

How I photograph my family is how I want to photograph yours. Whole-hearted, messy and love filled. My heart sings for that.

How I photograph my family is how I want to photograph yours. Whole-hearted, messy and love filled. My heart sings for that.

Can you photograph the grandparents too? What about the dog and the guinea pig?

I would absolutely adore it if you wanted to include the grandparents in your session! In fact the more the merrier. If you have more than 6 people at your session, I will just ask that you pay an additional fee of $50 per person over 6 people. As for the dog and the guinea pig, of course! I just ask that you have complete control over your fur babies at all times and I highly recommend you have someone outside of the family at the session who can take the pet for a walk or away from the area we are photographing in if the pet gets upset, overexcited or just needs a break. 

What happens after we have had the session?

I will go home and upload your images to my computer and start work on your gallery. I aim to have a sneak peek on Facebook within 24-28 hours after your session as I know you are probably really excited to see what is coming! Each image is edited and within 3 weeks, I will provide you with an online gallery of at least 50 images in a web sized format which you can download and share right away. I will also prepare your USB which will have the high resolution images from your session with a full print release so you can print your images as you wish. When you book in I will also provide you with my price list which outlines the products I offer. I strongly suggest that you look at having your favourite images printed. 

I adore details, feet, hands, backs... Expect some to pop up in your gallery. 

I adore details, feet, hands, backs... Expect some to pop up in your gallery. 

What editing will you do on our images? Can you make me 10kgs lighter?

My editing process is in place to bring out the best from your images in terms of colour and style. I won’t however, change the way you look in any of your images. If you want major photoshop work to be completed on your images additional fees will apply.

Isabel I want you to come to Perth and photograph our family!! Can you come?

Yes!! I love to travel. If you want me to travel outside of the Maitland/Newcastle area I will just ask that you cover my travel costs. If you can get more people in your area to book we can spread those costs out. Get in touch and lets chat.

I hope that answers some of your questions about working with me. As always if you have any additional questions please get in touch via my contact page. I would love to hear from you.

Isabel x